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UV Flatbed Printing

With our advanced UV flatbed printer, the possibilities are truly limitless. We can bring any design to life on the glass of your door panels, providing you with unique, tailored solutions for your projects. Whether it’s intricate patterns, vibrant colors, or bespoke artwork, our technology ensures crisp, detailed, and durable prints that enhance the aesthetic of any space.

CNC Router

At Vetropan, our cutting-edge CNC router technology empowers us to redefine the limits of door panel design. With the precision and versatility of our CNC machinery, we can craft any design — absolutely any — on both PVC and aluminum materials.

Vacuum Forming

This technology allows us to offer a wide range of customizable options, ensuring that each panel perfectly aligns with our clients’ aesthetic and functional needs. Whether you are looking to enhance a residential home with elegant door features or seeking to elevate a commercial space with robust, eye-catching designs, our Vacuum Forming capabilities provide the flexibility and quality you require.


Our pressing solutions are tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients, from large-scale commercial projects to bespoke residential installations. Each press is operated by our team of skilled technicians who ensure that every panel meets our stringent quality standards for durability, design, and finish.

Insulated Glass Production Section

At Vetropan, our Insulated Glass Production Section is equipped with a custom-made mini-size Glass washing and pressing station, enabling us to craft high-quality insulated glasses, even at minimal sizes. 

Our innovative Glass Pressing machine utilizes advanced WarmEdge spacers, designed to enhance the durability and performance of the insulated glass by securing the rounded edges against humidity. This technology not only improves the thermal efficiency of the glass but also significantly extends its lifespan by preventing condensation and thermal bridging.

CNC Hot Wire Cutter, Calibration & Sandpapering

At Vetropan, we are proud to offer advanced EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) processing capabilities through our top-qualified workstations, featuring our CNC Hot Wire Cutter, Calibration, and Sandpapering technologies. 

With our CNC Hot Wire Cutter, we can precisely cut EPS to any desired thickness, starting from 20mm up to 80mm, breaking free from the constraints of standard 24mm thickness. This flexibility allows us to meet diverse design and insulation requirements across a variety of applications, from construction to creative design projects.





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PVC and Aluminum Door Panels Manufacturer

We are a high qualified production and design team with over 15 years of experience in producing door panels. In year 2016 we got together under the wings of Vetropan pursueing the mission to provide the highest quality PVC door panels for PVC professionals, who seek elegant and unique PVC door panels matching their requirements.

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