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Product Details

Available both as PVC & ALU Door panels, without Inox application.

Introducing Simple Panels from Vetropan, the essence of sophistication in door design. Available in both PVC and Aluminum (ALU), these panels are crafted without Inox applications, presenting a sleek, unadorned surface that exemplifies modern minimalism.

Flexibility in Design

Simple Panels come in a diverse range of styles and sizes, making them a versatile choice for various architectural demands. Whether you are enhancing a contemporary home or updating a commercial building, these panels integrate seamlessly into any setting, providing a clean and refined appearance.

Durability and Performance

Constructed from premium PVC and Aluminum, Simple Panels are designed to withstand the elements and everyday use. Their robust and durable nature ensures they remain pristine over time, free from corrosion and fading, with minimal maintenance required.

Opt for Vetropan’s Simple Panels for a blend of durability, style, and simplicity. These panels are the perfect choice for anyone seeking to achieve an elegant aesthetic with reliable performance and straightforward upkeep.